Paragliding Safety Release

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The Paragliding Safety Release has been certified by DHV in april 2011 ( GST-ST01)

It is the first steptowing safety release certified by DHV and it was used during the testflights when steptowing was (re) introduced in Germany.

At these practice tests initiated by DHV several certified schools tested this release and are using it not only in steptow courses but also at single tow courses.

In Holland this release is used for many years and has proven its quality and safety features. Besides preventing the pilot during steptowing this releases prevents you during single tow’s AGAINST MOST LOCKOUT SITUATIONS.

It contains NO PLASTIC PARTS in the main structure so UV-light and TIME do not have influence on the lifetime of the release.

It does contain, GunMettal Anodised/Eloxiert aluminium, bronze and RVS parts and yet weights only 483 grams!

The cost of the release is 233,65Euro exclusive VAT/MWST and you can buy a control and adjustment plate for 59,90Euro so you can do your ( yearly) check and adjustments yourself.

For schools-clubs-groups:

From 10 releases onwards the costs are 196,50Euro Exclusive VAT/MWST. (Controlplate is for free)
For inquiry or orders please send a email to

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